The sanitary Tube-in-Tube heat exchanger


E-Pharma sanitary Tube-in-Tube heat exchanger was special developed for WFI point of use cooling application when flow rate is less than 1500Lph, it’s easy to be installed and quickly cooling response time, no contamination risk and free maintenance.
We have two size of Tube-in-Tube heat exchanger,standard operating scope: TIT HEP 01, flow rate 0~1000lph, 85℃ cooling to 40℃ @ 7 ℃ chilled water; TIT HEP 02, flow rate 1000~1500lph, 85℃ cooling to 40℃ @ 7 ℃ chilled water

Working principle

The unit is made up of three seamless tubes placed within each other. Between the services tubes there are spirals to make sure that the space is kept between the tubes and to create a turbulent flow and therewith a better heat transfer. There are no any crevices or dead spots in product channel.

The three tubes are then bent together 180° to a U-bend. E-Pharma bends the three tubes with the spirals in one step which makes it no leakage risk (no welds in the turn). The product is going in the middle tube and the cooling or heating media in the inner and outer ones.


A counter-current flow gives the most efficient heat transfer and also the possibility to have crossing temperature programs.

Any thermal expansion is taken up by the bend so the unit is very resistant against thermal fatigue that comes from big temperature differences in heating/cooling duties or when sterilizing with steam.

he heat exchanger can be sold as a naked unit or a complete point of use cooler, the module is to prefer since it is easy to install and use directly. The module consists of the E-Pharma Tube-in-Tube, cladding, valve arrangements and a pitot tube arrangement etc.

The pitot tube is especially made for E-Pharma heat exchanger connect to main pipe system.

Features and Benefits

• No internal welds, to prevent inter leakage
• All heat exchanger contact surfaces are electro polished to        have an Ra<0,5mm
• The high efficient heat transfer gives a fast response to             temperature changes(10s)
• Keep operator safe with outlet temperature indicator
• Small module design, save space and very easy to install           in-line in the WFI system
• Forged connection to make sure drainable on the product        side
• Easy to steam in place or over high temperature water              sterilized
• Full document package
• Free maintenance for main parts


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